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I live in Verona (Italy), for the last twenty years I was in the multimedia and interactive communication business.  Since 2001, I have been in charge for marketing and sales for a major national broadband telecommunications operator established in Verona.

In January 2005 I started publishing the wine blog Aristide, followed in June 2006 by Aristide WebTV: in May 2007 it became a web video channel that collects all videos published in Aristide, here is the YouTube channel.

Aristide and Aristide WebTV represent the bet to make wine communication based on blog interactivity, leveraging the low costs allowed by the Internet and the latest digital communications technologies. Specifically:

  • for wine operators: the blog is a small part of a new system of marketing, sales and communications, based on new media such as Internet, focused on individuals, end users or wine professionals;
  • for end users: blog is not only a tool for information and direct dialogue with stakeholders in the wine market, but also an opportunity to produce original content according to the instances of those who consume wine;
  • for everyone: this is not a phenomenon that concerns mere communication on wine, but something much more complex and interesting, which changes the entire business of wine.

I communicate on wine as an outsider: wine has always been a passion, and I try to maintain an approach to this world inspired much to the interests of end users.

Information, insights, technology, markets, companies, innovation are the cornerstones of my way to communicate wine: probably it's not original, but certainly it's not so widespread.

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 "Aristide is the multimedia wine blog by Giampiero Nadali, professional marketer and wine outsider."

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“Aristide, blogging around wine world" is the multimedia wine blog by Giampiero Nadali, internet wine marketer and interactive communication expert: here he creates passionate content about wine with an outsider and consumer-devoted approach.

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